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Zhonghui was founded in 1992. Through over two decades of exploration and development, it has become one of the largest, comprehensive, and professional service agencies with the licenses for stocks and futures business issued by the Ministry of Finance and the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and the qualification for tax verification and tax services approved by State Administration of Taxation.

Zhonghui is comprised of, ZhongHui Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd., Zhonghui Certified Tax Agents Co., Ltd., Tianyuan Appraisal Co., Ltd., Zhonghui Engineering Consultation Co., Ltd. Zhonghui Management Consultation Co., Ltd.

Zhonghui has branches in nearly 20 cities in China. More than 1500 employees of Zhonghui, with comprehensive capabilities, are providing professional services for domestic and foreign clients from different areas interms of capital-market-related financial verification, audit, taxation, valuation, project consulting, internal control & risk management consulting, IT audit and consultation, HR consulting, accounting, trainings on international business, etc.

For years, Zhonghui has always been adhering to the core value of “Honesty, Quality, and Teamwork” and performing the mission of “Creating development space for employees and Enhancing value for clients", meanwhile keeps actively on its way of development.Now, Zhonghui has turned out to be much stronger dedicating to providing high-quality professional services to clients.

Qualification for audit of securities and futures businesses granted by theMinistry of Finance and the CSRC

Qualification for audit central enterprises granted by the SASAC(State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the     StateCouncil)

AAAAA Qualified for Tax services granted by State Administration of Taxation

Top-level engineering qualification granted by Ministry of Construction

Pursuing the active leading role, Zhonghui is widely recognized by the public and has positive influence in the market. Our honours are as follows,

Ranked No.15 among all CPA firms throughout China in 2011

Ranked No. 1 among all CTA firms throughout China in 2011

Qualified agency of securities in Zhejiang Provence

Best-choice Employer Company

Model agency within the agency service filed

Model of the first quality preferred agencies

Honoured and preferred agency in engineering

Popularly preferred agency

Best-practice agency on social responsibility

The qualified professional team attributes to realize Zhonghui’s leading position, more than 1500 professionals with different background are dedicating in solving problems for the customers.By listening to different customers, Zhonghui is offering customerized service in multiple ways.We have:

9 leading talents in the reserve of certified public accountants recognized by the Ministry of Finance;

1 full-time member of the 12th and 13th Main-Board Capital Market Issuance Examination Commission, CSRC;

1 full-time member of the 3th Growth Enterprises Capital Market Issuance Examination Commission, CSRC;

1 board member of the Commission of Administrative Reconsideration in State Administration of Taxation

9 top-grade China certified tax agents;

More than 280 China certified public accountants;

More than 260 China certified tax agents;

More than 40 China certified public valuers;

More than 50 China registered project cost engineers.

In addition, those who serve in Zhonghui also include registered real estate appraiser, registered land appraiser, registered consulting engineers, senior system engineers, senior accountants, senior engineers, and senior economists, as well as membership of the experts from CSRC’s stock panel, CICPA ( Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants)’s audit directionpanel, CCTAA (China Certified Tax Agents Association)’s professional committee, CAS (China Appraisal Society)’s appraisal panel, and otherorganizations. With strong professional background, specialized expertise, and consistent perseverance, Zhonghui has been effectively solving the issues in daily operation, and providing professional services to clients from different industries. Zhonghui is always sharing the same company value before all customers.Aiming at do-more for customers, Zhonghui people are strict to morality and fulfillment. Preliminary schedules are recommended while service delivered. Employees of Zhonghui are kept being developed through professional trainings based on the commission of “create growth space for employees and assist clients in enhancing value”.
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Tel: +86 010 57961169
Fax:+86 571 88879067
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